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NVC in the workplace

In this episode I go over some possible work scenarios that might call for Nonviolent Communication, focusing on dealing with customers, co-workers, bosses and employees.

NVC Based Mediation

This episode gives a brief overview of Mediating using NVC.


This episode focuses on the importance of always remaining accountable for how we feel and never blaming anyone else. A very fundamental and powerful concept to successful NVC communications.

NVC for the Holidays

Some tips to make these holidays more enjoyable and filled with connection by using Nonviolent Communication.

NVC in Action

In this episode I go over some tips and tactics to better implement NVC in every day life, especially when triggered.

Feelings that aren't Feelings

On this episode we do a deep dive into several of the most common words that sound like feelings but are really subtle or not so subtle judgements, evaluations, guilt trips, and perceptions.

When are the best times to use NVC?

This episode focuses on the various times and situations where NVC is beneficial to use and examples of what it might sound like.

Fundamental Principles of NVC

7 Fundamental principles of NVC. 1. No evaluations, 2. Authenticity 3. Blame no one for your feelings 4. when in doubt express how you feel 5. feelings are one word 6. never imply someone else is wrong or bad 7. no compromise

The Amazing Power of Emergency Empathy

This episode we focus on the nuances and fundamentals of Emergency Empathy. One of the most powerful tools for ending conflicts and creating connection and understanding in the NVC toolkit.

Step 4 Making the Specific Request

In this episode we dive into the 4th step of the NVC process and talk about the essential things to consider and how to avoid the common mistakes people make when attempting this step.

Step 3 Values and Desires

This episode we focus on the third step of the NVC process where you explain why you feel as you do without blaming anyone else. A very crucial step!

First two steps of NVC

A deeper look at the first two steps of NVC, some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Introduction to The Art of NVC Podcast

A brief overview of how I got started with NVC, the things I love about it and an overview of what to expect from this podcast.