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Interview With An ART of NVC Platinum Level Graduate

I Interview Brent Cunning about his NVC experience. He is a graduate of the Platinum Level Program from Patreon.com/artofnvc. A month long NVC training involving 3 1hr...

Using NVC With Polarizing Topics

This episode goes over some pointers for dealing with polarizing topics, especially with someone who has the opposite views as you.

Switching Between Emergency Empathy and NVC

This episode goes over instances where it is helpful to switch back and forth between NVC and Emergency Empathy.

The EGO and NVC

This episode goes over the relationship between our Ego and NVC and why sometimes it can be so challenging to actually use NVC when we feel triggered.

Building Trust and Connection

This episode goes over the importance of building trust and connection while having an NVC conversation.

The Threshold Moment

This episode goes over a very common and crucial to be aware of occurrence that happens right before you have a break through while doing NVC.

Home For The Holidays Part One

A few pointers and tips for dealing with common situations during the holidays

How to get really good at NVC

In this episode I talk about what takes to get good enough at NVC to be able to use it in real life tense situations with a high degree of success.

When Your Partner Doesn't Like You Using NVC

In this episode I talk about some strategies if your partner doesn't like when you use NVC artofnvc.com artofnvc.teachable.com patreon.com/artofnvc

NVC Adjustments

In this episode I go over a few slight adjustments I have made to how I use NVC artofnvc.com artofnvc.teachable.com patreon.com/artofnvc

NVC and Presence

In this episode I go over how staying present is crucial for successful NVC and I offer some strategies to help remain present even while triggered. artofnvc.com artof...

NVC and the 80/20 Principle

In this episode I go over how the 80/20 principle applies to NVC

NVC Prepwork

In this episode I go over how to prepare when you know you have an upcoming conversation that will require NVC.

Creating Clear Boundaries

In this episode we focus on how to use NVC to create clear boundaries

Three Types of Specific Requests

In this episode I go over the three main types of Specific Requests; Action based, Clarity based, and Connection based. artofnvc.com artofnvc.teachable.com pat...

Common Emergency Empathy Feelings and Values

In this episode I go over some of the most common and versatile feelings and values you can use when doing Emergency Empathy.

10 tips for improving your NVC skills

In this episode I go over 10 tips to improve your effectiveness at using NVC.

Valentines Day Special

Something small happens between you and your beloved and it is bothering you but part of you thinks it's silly to bring up and you don't want to start a fight except i...

The Learning Process

Im back from a long break and in this episode I talk about the learning process of integrating NVC into your life.

Emergency Empathy #2

Another dive into the amazing power of Emergency Empathy

An outline of all 4 steps of NVC

This episode is a quick run-through of all four steps of Nonviolent Communication.

NVC and The Four Agreements

In this episode I highlight the many areas where NVC and the principles from the book "The Four Agreements" correlate.

What is Violent Language?

This episode focuses on what makes certain language violent from an NVC perspective.

NVC and talking Politics

I share some tips and insights to help create more productive and enjoyable interactions when talking about politics.

Common Missteps when using NVC

I go through each step and point out some of the most common mistakes I see people do when attempting to use NVC.

What if I'm the only one using NVC?

This episode I answer more listener questions about closure, emergency empathy, and being the only one using NVC.

Empathy First

I discuss the concept of Empathy First and answer a detailed listener question.

Strategies vs Needs

This episode focuses on the difference between Strategies and Needs and the importance of not mixing them up.

NVC as a Spiritual Practice

This episode talks about ways to take NVC to the next level and use it as a spiritual practice.

NVC Challenges

In this episode we focus on some of the challenges of learning how to implement NVC effectively.